Oswestry’s Town Wall?

New sighting of Oswestry’s Town Wall?

A narrow services trench running alongside English Walls close to the junction revealed a section of stone wall more than one metre wide at a depth of about 0.25 metres. The wall impeded the progress of the trench which was almost immediately back filled.

OBHAG members, alerted by Oswestry’s grapevine, arrived just in time to affirm that the wall’s construction resembled that of known sections of the town wall. Further investigation would be needed to draw more definite conclusions, but we were able to take some pictures for future reference.

Exposed wall in service trench (feet mark the spot)
Exposed wall in service trench (feet mark the spot)
Line of the service trench
The line of the service trench is marked by the orange line with approximate position of the fragment of exposed wall shown in black.
Details of Exposed Stonework
Detail of exposed stonework
Old Map
From an original sketch by Mr. W. Day to illustrate the discovery in 1973 of a section of Oswestry Town Wall near the Oswestrian (formerly the Golden Tankard), plotted on the OS 1:500 map of Oswestry 1874.